"I got jury duty papers. I plan on getting out of doing jury duty by saying I’m rascist against white people. Cause I think after all the shit happening. I am turning very very conscious about how ignorant and annoying and just effin stupid they are. Oh yeah I know. I’m generalizing. Boo hoo. Cause when you guys do it it’s okay."


So I don’t know if you guys believe in God or Magic. But I swear, Allah magically changed my answers on that test to all the right answers because I got a grade I never ever even imagined getting. And it was really hard.

sabrinaischic asked:
Your friend the bride looked beautiful! I love weddings from your country. South asian countries have so much culture and tradition and festivities. I wish ours was like that lol. I hope I dont sound dumb but arranged marriages are the norm in your countries. Do ppl still do that here in America? Did your friend have an arranged marriage or did she know and really like the guy she married? I was just curious if you dont mind me asking.

Hey! Okay so you might have a misconception about arranged marriage. Here’s how it goes down nowadays:

Mom and dad find a boy and ask his parents if he’s up for marriage. OR A boy’s mom and dad find a girl and ask her parents if she’s up for marriage. And if so, they share details - their ages, occupation, what school they attended, field of study, pics of how they look. And then they set a date, families meetup, girl and boy talk, see if they like eachother - like if they have any initial attraction and if they think they’re compatible. And then, they have more “dates” that are usually “supervised” or like group hang outs, or family get together, and they can also talk online or on the phone or whatever the families decide is “appropriate”. After a few months, sometimes less sometimes more, they both say yes or no, if yes - a wedding, if no, the process starts again. 

ORRRR - this is what happens much more often - boy sees a girl, brings up the topic of marriage with his own parents and says this is a girl I’m interested in, and then the same cycle from there where the parents meetup and the kids meetup.

In my friends case - they met through friends, talked for a bit, boy told his parents, girl told her parents, parents met up and loved eachother’s families and they waited for the semester to be over and babang, wedding. So yes - they liked each other from before.

I’m answering all of this from a cultural or tradition point - from a religious point it would be different. But that’s a whole different conversation.

I hope that clears it up for you - in modern times - most people find someone they like and bring it up to their parents. That’s how it’s happened for everyone in my generation. Feel free to ask me more questions if you’re curious. I lovee answering questions! :DDDDD